An SR-22 is a legal document required by the Colorado DMV to prove that you are in compliance with the Financial Responsibility Law of Colorado.  In simple terms, an SR-22 proves to the DMV that you have liability insurance while operating a vehicle.  Here are some facts about SR-22:

1.  Just having liability insurance alone will not satisfy the DMV.  The specific SR-22 must be filed.

2.  The minimum time required for you to keep the SR-22 is two years (continuous).

3.  Any lapses in coverage longer than three days will likely result in your license being resuspended. You would then be required to refile all your documents and pay the $95 reinstatement fee again.

4. You can switch insurance companies for your SR-22.  Just make sure there is no lapse in your coverage.

5.  Should you ever be informed by the DMV that a form SR-26 has been received from your insurance company, call your insurance agent immediately.  A form SR-26 is notice that your SR-22 has been cancelled.